Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Haunted With Colds

Once again, we are haunted by the virus hobgoblin: another cold. This is the second cold for both Katie and me in a little over a fortnight. Katie started showing signs of illness on Sunday; today I have a sore throat. Boo. I just loathe being sick---there's just no time, and I don't like the decreased feelings of productivity.

Katie has been stuffy (unlike her first cold), and so she has been very restless and in need of care through the night. After two nights of moderate-to-no sleep, I now rue that tonight it will be my turn to be stuffy and restless. Will I be rested in time to pull together Kate's party in the exact vision I have for it? Ah, the suspense! No matter, I will make it work. There is never really any rest for mothers, no matter how run-down we sometimes feel.

Anyway, with two colds so close together, our defense systems have been taxed, and I am worried about Katie therefore entering flu season with an overworked immune system. I am looking forward to Katie's 2 year appointment next week, because I want to get her the H1N1 vaccine desperately. We're planning on doing Disneyland this fall/winter, but I won't take her into that crowd if for some reason I can't get ahold of the vaccine. The risk is not worth it. I am not even sure I will be taking her on my Costco run this week.

The good news is that I was able to go to Toastmasters this morning before the sore throat pronounced itself. I served as the Grammarian today, which required some English teacher skills. David also went with us to Toastmasters, and having him there was really fun. The vocab word of the day was "grand guignol," a term I actually did not know---so I was very pleased to have learned it. I have known all of the vocab words so far, so having something new was an exceptional treat. I love to be challenged.

Katie woke up SUPER EARLY this morning, so I made the most of it by doing an early morning reading session with her and then an Autumn, "Let's hunt for Halloween decorations" walk. We collected several fall leaves, the deep reds enticing us. We took great delight in pointing out every pumpkin, witch, ghost, etc. Some houses have done a really fine job, and we had fun together.

Tonight we watched Phantom again. Katie loves to pretend to be him! She was gathering candles around her, playing her piano, and pretending to give me roses. She uses her hand to cover part of her face like a mask. We talk much about his character development, actually, because he is both good and bad. Characters with dual natures fascinate her---the Beast is another example. We are learning that no one is all good or all bad.

I am so impatient with colds! The worst part is knowing that I might have a couple of days ahead of me of lethargy---I want to feel energetic and creative. It's so hard to rest or to feel like resting. Being sick is depressing for me that way. I try not to give in to the cold, but Kate made it look like it might be a miserable one. I am crossing my fingers that I can use my sheer will to drive it away/throw it off quickly.

May everyone else stay well!