Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Craft Day

This afternoon we filled the house with autumn coziness. With a grey sky and chilly air outdoors, we lit some candles indoors and created warmth for body and soul. Katie and I mulled apple cider on the stove as we awaited the arrival of Amie, Boppa, and Uncle David for our Autumn Craft Day!

Katie and I finished making our brioche this morning, working with the dough that had been gently rising in the refridgerator all night. I taught her how to paint the sides of the brioche molds with melted butter, and I would roll the dough and she would drop it into the mold. Then, she used her finger to make the indentation in which to set the traditional teardrop-shaped piece of dough. She is making the indentation into the dough in this picture. When Amie asked her what we had made, Katie replied, "Brioche." Then Amie asked her what was in brioche, and Katie correctly replied, "Eggs." She is right: brioche is quite an yeast egg bread with three eggs and an egg wash on top.

We set the table and lined up some pumpkins and candles nearby. We served: petites brioches, pumpkin bread, maple ham, pumpkin spice butter mixed with cream cheese, aged white cheddar, and homemade apple-onion chutney with a hint of orange. I just love brioche with white cheddar and chutney (of any sort---but apple was in order for today). And to drink, we had hot apple cider, mulled with deliciousness.

Before crafting, we sat down to our snack.

I loved everything about how cozy today was. Dad arrived first and practiced his speech; we had the waterfall trickling outside; the white strand lights were on outside. It was a good-for-the-heart kind of day.

After lunch, we used the salt dough I had made (just flour, salt, and water) to make Halloween ghosts. Katie loved this, because it was just like playing with Play-Doh. Everyone made ghosts and then while they cooked, we all watched Snow White together. After the ghosts were cooked through, we gave them faces with permanent markers and looped thread through the holes we had made in them. Katie and I need to decide where to hang them...

I love my family and spending time with them, and I love how willing they always are to go along with my little made-up holidays and plans! Today definitely felt magical...