Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cinderella Visits Our Home!

Since I am unabashedly obsessed with my child, what follows are essentially several pictures of the same event, but what magic!

One of Katie's current enthusiasms is Cinderella. Actually, she has been enjoying many of the Disney princesses and their stories. She especially delights in The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Cinderella. We have a Snow White dress ready for Halloween, yet I wanted to surprise her with the dress from her present favorite...and so I laid out other clothes for her this morning and right as we were about to get dressed, I went to the closet and said, "Or, would you rather wear this?" and whisked it out. Her face lit up, and as soon as she had it on, she went to the mirror and just smiled and smiled. We have been imagining the story for several days: Katie has been running around the house pretending it is "midnight." I chase her and say, "Madam, come back, come back! The prince wants to marry you!" Sometimes I catch her and she wants to dance, so we turn on music and she calls me "the prince." When I ask her, "Will you marry me, Cinderella?" she gives me a big kiss on the lips. It is very cute! She has named her dog "Bruno" just like in the movie and she has been playing with her broom set very much the past couple of days. When she talks about the movie, she rightly reports that the ugly stepsisters have "bad attitudes" and she seems to be starting to understand the significance of the key and the cause and effect of the wicked stepmother locking Cinderella in her room when it is time to try on the glass slipper.

So anyway, I wanted to make her day magical... And sooo....

Cinderella plays with her magic pumpkin. Will it turn into a coach? One of the reasons I am connecting more with Cinderella right now is that, in addition to Katie loving her, I realize that the presence of the pumpkin in the garden means that the ball took place in October---Katie's birth month.

Katie plays with Bruno this morning.

Princess Cinderella walks toward the waterfall's bridge...

Wht a beautiful little princess...

Happy Cinderella, at rest after running away from the Royal Ball.

Cinderella loves to swing, too...

Cinderella...or Sleeping Beauty? ;-)

The costume is definitely a good one, very realistic looking in many ways. I added the black choker from something I had already, and Katie asked for the "headband" as we went into the bathroom to do her hair.

Something a little extraordinary for an ordinary day makes the whole day seem out-of-time and magical.
While Amie watched Katie, I took my online final test for my first real estate course. It was super-duper easy for the most part, but I am kicking myself for missing one. I hate missing. Bah.
Oh well, time to cheer up: college ball is on today!!! Go, Cardinal!!!!! I love the fall!!!!!!!