Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Moody Blues

Bill and I had one of our best and most memorable dates together Tuesday night when we went to see The Moody Blues at Humphrey's by the Bay, our favorite concert venue. Although we had seen The Moody Blues a couple of years ago, I think in my current phase of life I connect with their music and lyrics even more. They are really one of our favorite bands, topped for me only by Fleetwood Mac and maybe The Beatles. The Moody Blues are just so philosophical in their lyrics, and seeing them live is an amazing experience. Their band includes a flute/wind player and, now, even a Mac Book. So much of their music has this incredible orchestral background, of course fused with pure rock. It's complex but, for me, more comprehensible than Emerson, Lake, and Palmer---with whose song catalogue I am still grappling slowly. Back to The Moody Blues: I swear I hear Rodgers and Hammerstein chords in some of their songs. :-) The Moody Blues have some love songs, but most of their songs are about human nature, space/time, the relation of the human experience to the Universe.

I do think this Moody Blues concert is now my favorite concert experience to date. We spent a couple of years thinking our first Heart experience was our best concert, but last night was awesome. Together we have now seen Heart twice, The Moody Blues twice, Jewel, Jon Fogarty opened by Lucinda Williams, Alanis opened by Barenaked Ladies, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, The Who...I wonder who I am forgetting. Of course when I was pregnant with Kate we took a break from concerts together (too loud for the growing baby). I had never been to a music concert before I went with Bill to Jewel, and hearing live music is one of the most pleasurable experiences in life, I've discovered. But of all of those experiences, I do think this second Moodies concert was the BEST so far!!!

Probably part of this sentiment is due to the person with whom I shared the evening and the fact that I love being with him so much. He surprised me a few days ago with a restaurant selection down in San Diego. We had reservations at Tom Ham's Lighthouse, which overlooks the harbor. The view was incredible and enhanced the romantic mood. I ordered scallops (I just adore a perfectly cooked scallop) and creme brulee. Bill had the kobe beef meatloaf and a New York style cheesecake. I love that he planned this and chose this restaurant for us, and I love that he chose perfectly.

Bill at dinner as we sip our lemonades.

This would be me, at dinner.

And here we both are, shortly after dessert.
Part of our spectacular view during dinner. We sat by a huge window, and because Tom Ham's is a second story restaurant, we felt like we were dining on the water.

A picture of Justin Hayward and John Lodge (Graeme Edge is on one of the drum sets). During the second half of the show, the audience was entirely on its feet. The Moody Blues ROCK!

A kiss! Note the iPhone shadow on Bill's face. ;-)

Bill awaits the entrance of his favorite band. And I play peek-a-boo.

Also magical was the scent of the salty sea air last night. It was thicker than normal, and I just love the smell of the sea---one of my favorite scents in all the world. Salty air conjures everything good. The Moody Blues really played a good set and a long set---much longer than Heart played a couple of weeks ago. We could really get into the music and let our minds play around in it for a good long time. And I loved being in the music with my husband, because so much of The Moody Blues is part of his mind. We can know people more truly by grokking the music that entwines itself with their brains.
Thank you to Bill for the absolutely most PERFECT date! I know I will remember this one forever...