Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking Joy in Life

As Kate finishes her nap, I probably should be making my pastry cream for a dessert I plan to serve on Monday, or sweeping the upstairs (I cleaned everything else on the second story today), or about a million things... Yet I also know that I need to slow down and take a moment to be thankful for how amazing this day has been in all of its glorious simplicity and productivity. The one-word credo of Hummingbird Home is "Joy." Joy in all we do, work or play or play-work. I bought some black distressed wooden letters spelling J-O-Y (each about 18" high) to hang on the remaining wall above our family room built-ins that Dad made. Therefore when we pass by the heart of our home and read this word, we are to remember that we must try to cultivate joy in our hearts no matter the task, that we seek to bring joy to others when they share time in our home, that we are to walk into the world ready to give and discover joy where we may find it.


Kate and I took a walk with Grandpa this morning to the Starbucks about a block away. I love the little marketplace on the outskirts of our development. It has a "town square" type of feel, and I love running into people I know (as happened today). We sat and sipped/ate our Starbucks by the fountain, and Katie watched all of the dogs and people. What a peaceful and refreshing way to start the morning: a walk, time with Grandpa, breakfast and coffee outdoors, and knowing that the rest of the day has all the potential in the world to keep building on this good vibe.

We are also enjoying our new betta fish. Kate picked him out, and Bill named him. Meet Phelps, the newest member of the McGaugh family:

Phelps is a greenish blue with streaks of red. Kate chose him from among several different bettas in the store.

When I mentioned that it was time to feed Phelps this morning, Kate came zooming around the corner at full speed. She loves to help, and she says, "Hi, Fish."
Later today after a cleaning session, I took Kate outside for a little recess/craft time. Grandpa had returned to oversee the laying of some new sod and and bark around the play structure.

I put the primary colors in pie tins and let Kate go to work...
The blue and green were her favorite colors today...

Kate puts her whole self into the fingerpainting project.

Show me your hands, Katie!

Ooshy gooshy learning is the fun kind...

After the fingerpainting, Grandpa shared some lush blackberries he brought over for Kate. She devoured them!

Life is good...
Later this afternoon, Kate and I worked on setting our tables for Nana's tea and carmelizing some macademia nuts. Fun!!! I am so excited about the tea and all the fun I get to have thinking about it and creating it this weekend!