Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Sunday marked my second Mother's Day since Kate's birth---the third if you count the Mother's Day when she was in my womb---and the whole day was absolute perfection from beginning to end. I awoke shortly before Kate and did a little reading. After Kate woke up, Bill came in with presents from both him and Katherine. I received a beautiful bracelet with a dangling heart engraved on both sides. One side says "Katherine June" and the other side of the heart contains her birthdate. Bill also took time to write a letter on a behalf of Kate thanking me for each little thing I do in a two page list. Some were humorous and many tugged at my heart. I will treasure it forever. That Bill has noticed both the big and small things I do---some things I wasn't even sure he did notice---and has put it all in one place to remind me of this magical time as a family is incredibly meaningful.

I then made some breakfast; Kate and Barbie helped with the scrambled eggs.

Because I had already pressed Katie's dress and had laid out my own matching outfit, dressing was quick and fun and we were ready to leave early for our tea in Yorba Linda with our maternal family ladies. I love dressing Kate as a classic, old-fashioned girl, and she seems to love the accessories. We both wore our pearls, and Kate wanted a ribbon in her hair. The day before, as I was giving myself a pedicure, Katie also wanted her toenails painted. I always tell her "no," but I thought it would be fun to have the same toenail color for Mother's Day. So we had matching toesies. She is definitely girlie by her own design. Although I would never force that on her and although I have never considered myself overly girlie, I am having fun sharing some of the more fun aspects of our gender with her.

I love her little feet here. She looks like she is tiptoeing with happiness.

My 1920s girl.

Katherine at tea.

Holding her grandma's hand.

Talking with "Amie" (ah-me, her name for Grandma)

Reacting to something Nana has said.

Amie and Katie chatting with Aunt Debbie.

Maternal lineage: Amie, Katherine, Nana, Mommy
I absoutely loved our experience at the teahouse. We had flaky cranberry scones with devonshire cream and preserves; broccoli quiche; finger sandwiches (chicken apricot, dill cucumber, egg salad, ham and blackberry, and cream cheese and raisin); curried apple carrot soup; chocolate cake (my selection from a wide dessert choice). The servers were interested in our party and jovial. All the mothers at our table received carnations and a small gift. Absolutely lovely.

At home again, my mom played a bit with Katie while I exercised on the bike and straightened a few things. Then Kate and I played outside in the breeze for awhile and I listened as Katie experimented with new words. Her word list is fairly extensive, and now she is starting to make phrases and even a small sentence here and there ("There's the bear" for example).

I just felt like the luckiest mommy and wife and daughter/granddaughter alive all day. My family makes me totally happy. I love my daughter so much, and I know we are meant to be together for always. As I tell her often as she falls asleep, she is everything I hoped for, and her mommy and daddy planned for and wanted her so much. I love being with her!